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I happened to be playing on the internet today and searching through youtube when I came across google hangouts.  I have been thinking about going to best buy and making a few purchases, a web cam and a screen share software.  I thought that this would allow me to communicate with friends and coworkers and let me get a bit of work done while at home ( I would love to transition to a work from home position).  I am in sales and advisement and this would be a great way for me to see clients and have meetings without the travel required to normally do so.

Google Hangout SEO


Google Hangouts solves all of these problems for me without the investment of those services.  I particularly noticed some other benefits of google hangouts after watching an SEO video that I will show later in the post.

I didn’t realize that a google hangout can also be broadcast on the air live so that many people can log in and view at the same time! This is huge for sales pitches as well as educating and creating leads.  The best part is that after there is an interactive hangout that can benefit your business (or mine) it can be uploaded as a youtube video and you can essentially use it and refer to it forever.

I have been recently signing up clients for identity theft protection products and really feel like a google hangout that EDUCATES prospects could do a fantastic job of warming up potential customers for a sale.  Could hangouts be a new form of a white paper?  Video converts according to everything that I have researched…. I feel like it could be time to take advantage of the technology available at hand and step into the future.  What’s the worst that could happen? There is literally NO INVESTMENT.

A quick powerpoint slide and a screen capture along with a face to face conference could be extremely effective for sales.  I’ll keep updating as I test and tweak.  I am sure that I’ll get some crazy looks at first but anytime you think out of the box this is to be expected.

As I previously mentioned, the video that I watched actually showed how easy it is to get a video in front of customers that could be searching for your product.  If you target people that are already looking for what you are selling by putting your video on the first page of google then half the battle is already over.  News flash, hangouts can get on page 1 quick.  This is like a no brainer for me.

Check out this video ranking for the phrase Utica Seo Services, the video actually ranked in minutes!.

After doing some research on Simple But Well (I followed the link on the youtube video) it appears that this ranking process can happen very quickly.  I would like to do a few tests before pitching this to my customers and create a high quality video to show potential prospects.

I’ll update once this is completed and who knows, if you are interested in Identity Protection the video could help you as well…

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